PT. OAKTECH NUSANTARA was established in 1990. Our company has been actively supplying / servicing the oil and gas, petrochemical and industries, geothermal in Indonesia. We represent exclusive product line of world wide manufacturers.

With full supports from our principal we are able to provide total engineering solutions to meet customers needs. This includes providing highly reputable engineering products, consultancy services, design and fabrication of systems packages, as well as repair and maintenance services.

PT.OAKTECH NUSANTARA has been established with 2 divisions :

Our Company motto is:


We take a partnership approach to business treating the business of our customers as our own. Our principal trust our knowledge of the region, the expertise that required in the market place and our ability to provide service of international standard




Become an Excellent Engineering and Procurement Partner for the energy related industry

We have the capability to provide services
in the following areas of industries :

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Process Plants
Refineries, Petrochemicals, gas plants (1)

Process Plants
Refineries, Petrochemicals, gas plants

Process Plants
Refineries, Petrochemicals, gas plants (3)

Process Plants
Refineries, Petrochemicals, gas plants (4)

Management Information System (MIS)
We at PTON recognize the value of information not only as an effective management tools but also as strategic tool to stay abreast with the wide world technological development and provide highly responsive services.

Data Base
We complied and organized the data, accumulated by our staff from years of working experience, into a data base.
This data base is beneficial in providing a quick and professional services. For instance, our cost data base provides our engineers with the ability to quickly prepare a project cost estimate. Our personnel data base allows us to quickly locate personnel required by our client.

We always consider our library is an important part of our day to day work. We maintain, and continually update our library. In our library we maintain technical and economical documents including books, handbooks, journals, reports, manuals, codes and regulations and other go-by's.

Literature Search Network
We maintain a literature search network with our international associates by having an access to our associates libraries.

Structured Filing System
We maintain a structured system, as part of our record management system, which will allow us a quick information recording and retrieval.

PT OAKTECH NUSANTARA has the main office in Jakarta. To serve our customer in Sumatra and Kalimantan, in 1995, we established our branch offices in Pekanbaru as well as representative office in Bontang and Balikpapan.

Main Office :

Oaktech Nusantara

Jl. Satria Raya No. 1 Grogol, Jakarta
Indonesia 11460