Power & Control Nexans MC Cable

Power, Control & Instrument Cable


Corflex MC - NEC Cable

Multi-conductor 14 AWG to 10 AWG:Multiple conductors and composites, with ground wire(s), continuous corrugated aluminum sheath, PVC jacket.

Product Description

Product features

1. UL approved cables Type MC, 600 V; File No. E47409

2. UL approved insulated conductors

3. Cables pass UL 1685 and IEEE 383 vertical tray fire tests at 70,000 BTU/hr, ICEA T-29-520 fire test at 210,000 BTU/hr, IEC 332-3 category A fire test, IEEE 1202 and CSA FT4

4. Cables are American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) listed as CWC MC Type MC

5. Cables exhibit a low temperature rating of -40ºC impact and –40ºC bend with suitable precautions

6. Temperature rating of 90ºC dry and wet

7. 130ºC emergency rating & 250ºC short circuit rating

8. Continuous, impervious metallic sheath corrugated for flexibility, prevents ingress of moisture, gases and liquids

9. Aluminum sheath cross-section exceeds requirements of the NEC Section 250.122 for grounding conductor

10. Sheath provides good electronic shielding so that Corflex® can be used in certain instrumentation applications when adequately grounded

11. Excellent mechanical & physical properties

12. Sunlight resistant jacket

13. Suitable for direct burial and use in cable tray and embedment in concrete

14. Lead free