Orga L410EX-W-10 (LED)

Navigational AIDS Systems


Marine Lantern

Explosion proof marine light providing 10 nautical mile white omni-directional visual coverage for offshore structures. The design, with long life LEDs, makes the product ideal for the environmental conditions, easy installation and long maintenance intervals.

Product Description


1. Reliable marine navigation light, low cost of ownership and low power consumption

2. Suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas with gas explosion hazard

3. Coded high voltage AC power supply from the Navaids Central Control Panel for low cable costs and failure free synchronisation

4. Offshore coated, lightweight, corrosion free, seawater, UV and humidity resistant light alloy base

5. Stainless steel mounting facilities to prevent corrosion problems

6. Integrated Ex e connection box

7. Very low power consumption due to efficient optical design

8. Anti bird spikes (to prevent bird fouling)