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TD/PM Circle-H Lighting

Helideck Lighting


CAP437 explosion proof LED helideck touchdown/positioning light panel used in conjunction with a control panel and the the touchdown/positioning marking (Circle). Long life LEDs and light weight design, which is suitable for direct mounting on the helideck due to the low profile (<25mm), makes the product ideal for the environmental conditions as well as easy installation.

Product Description


1. Panel used for helideck touchdown/positioning system; 'circle'

2. Suitable for Zone 1 and 2 areas with gas explosion hazard

3. Low profile design (<25mm) allows direct mounting on helideck

4. Offshore resistant, fully sealed, high quality marine plastic materials

5. Semi-flex construction to allow for deck distortions and improved impact resistance

6. Stainless steel mounting brackets to prevent corrosion problems, and integrated cable connection

7. State of the art high power LEDs and technology provide superior life and reliability

8. Fully offshore trialled to meet the operational and environmental requirements