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Crouse Hinds Junction Box

Junction Box

Eaton Crouse Hinds

EGJ Series Junction Boxes are designed for flush installation in the concrete pump island of gasoline service stations

Product Description


1. Cover sealed with "O" ring gasket to make unit raintight

2. Cover recess will accept tool used to open cover of gasoline storage tank

3. Two drilled and tapped conduit entrances on the bottom and six on the sides

4. Plugs are provided for the two bottom entrances and four of the side entrances for choice of conduit arrangement

5. ES sealing hubs thread into the bottom to seal the main feed

6. Caulking compound supplied for filling space between cover flange and body rim to prevent accumulation of water, dirt and ice; compound remains pliable and is easily removed

7. Unused conduit entrances must be securely plugged with type PLG threaded pipe plugs to maintain flametight conditions