Fluoresecent Lighting


Eaton Crouse Hinds

IEC Standard

The eLLK 92 linear luminaire series for fluorescent lamps combines the latest lighting technology with the requirements of a harsh and hazardous environment. This luminaire series is available in various sizes as a ceiling mounted light fitting (eLLK) and as a pole-mounted light fitting (eLLM).

Product Description


1. Retrofitting of existing eLLK/M 92 018/18 or eLLK/M 92036/36 linear luminaires (latest version) is possible

2. Standard dual channel ballast with EOL monitoring

3. Can be used with CEAG LED module

4. Double-sided central locking facility

5. Safety interlocking sytem due to an integrated forced isolating swtich

6. Safety standard IP66

7. Connection to CEAG emergency light monitoring systems possible (CG-S/DCA)

8. Special version to NEC standards (CSA)