Crouse Hinds TMCX

Cable Gland

Eaton Crouse Hinds

For use with metal-clad, non-armoured and tray cable, TMCX cable fittings are installed: to provide a means for terminating cable at junction boxes, control centers, panelboards and enclosures for motor control and electrical distribution, to form a mechanical watertight connection, to provide ground continuity of cable armour, in Division 1 locations and when a seal is required

Product Description


1. Standard material is aluminum

2, Stainless steel copper-plated spring provides grounding continuity of cable armour (MC cable only)

3. Provides explosionproof compound seal on conductors and watertight seal on outer sheath of cable

4. Standard neoprene seal suitable for use in operating temperatures -25° to 60°C

5. Cold Shrink™ Kit is available for extra protection in aggressive environments

6. Available with NPT threads