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Linear LED Lighting


Eaton Crouse Hinds

IEC Standard

The explosion-protected linear light fittings series eLLK / M 92 LED 400/800 combines the latest LED technology with the protection of a reliable housing solution. As a result, this light fitting series is the ideal solution for lighting tasks in harsh and hazardous environments.

Product Description


1. > 20% energy savings compared to similar fluorescent luminaires

2. Special reflector design with indirect light distribution prevents undue glare and multi-shadowing

3. Tried and tested technology; the EVG 09 has been used as a driver for more than 20 years

4. Various light colours available - 4000 K / 5600 K

5. Selected LED chips with prefect bining, low power loss and long life

6. Ex-e technology for easy maintenance

7. For ambient temperature from -25 °C up to +45 °C / +55 °C (HT)

8. Special version to NEC standards (CSA)